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foodpanda is an app to order food for home delivery in several different countries, among them India, Pakistan, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Singapore, or Taiwan, among others. In total, it covers 20 or so different countries in Europe and Asia.

Finding a good place to order food from is very easy with foodpanda. Just set your exact location and the app displays all nearby restaurants. Obviously you can also filter by type of food.

Once you've picked the restaurant you want to order from, just go ahead and choose your dishes. Some restaurants even have pictures of each menu item. Plus once your order is complete you can track the delivery status in real time.

foodpanda is a great app for getting takeaway, though it does only work in a limited number of countries. On the app's official site you can check the exact number of countries where it's active – and the list is growing over time.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

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